Christmas Party

Yule Tide

The Lady Daphne makes one of the most exciting venues for Christmas parties in London.  With her wood-panelled hold, the atmosphere of St Katharine’s Dock, the fire burning in the iron stove – she becomes simultaneously one of the most relaxing and most festive of places to hold a Christmas party.  You can begin your party, or end it, in one of the many watering holes around St Katharine’s or perhaps from necessity with a quick business update on board beforehand.  You can enjoy the company of friends and colleagues in privacy, let your hair down as you reflect on the year past and the year to come, and finally catch a bit of a London Christmas near Tower Bridge.  You can even plan a bit of an icebreaker for the evening – a treasure hunt, Santa and his elves, nautical trivia, whatever.  Over the last port or brandy you may reflect on the gemütlichkeit, the conviviality or the Christmas spirit (depending on your linguistic preference) and set sail into the new year in a confident mood.

The Lady Daphne can comfortably accommodate up to 35 for a sit down dinner, 60 for a buffet and up to 80 for a cocktail reception.  We have a list of recommended caterers but you are welcome to bring a caterer of your choice on board.  Included in your booking is the galley and catering equipment which can handle up to 50 guests without special arrangements.  You can also combine your event with one of the restaurants in the docks, perhaps a buffet ashore and cocktails aboard, or some special food.  This allows you to tailor your own plans – not overhassled restaurant staff, but a bit of attention; no overpriced lists, but a bit of special wine or egg-nog.

During November, December and early January, the Lady Daphne is berthed in St Katharine’s.  Happily for the temperature-challenged, sailing is only for the hearty, but the feel of shipping pervades the St Katharine’s area.

 Dining Aboard the Lady Daphne